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Lighten your soil & prevent fungus gnats with Pure Rice Hulls Increase your yields! Fuhgeddaboudit! Root Zone Feeder Packs
Water Less! when you use Organic Mechanics
At Organic Mechanics, we’re passionate about all natural,
sustainable gardening that provides superior results. That’s why our
soils are 100% organic, made with locally sourced ingredients,
completely peat-free and used by professional gardeners
at arboretums and botanical gardens including
Longwood Gardens, Scott Arboretum,
Chanticleer Garden, and more.

Earth-friendly practices
Being kind to the planet is a core belief
of our company. Our delivery trucks and
manufacturing equipment run on bio-
diesel, we use recycled pallets for
shipping, and we recycle the plastic
received with our raw ingredients.

Try our soil today and you’ll see the
. Improve the quality, yield
and appearance of your plants this
season with Organic Mechanics®
potting soils and soil amendments.
Your plants will love you for it!.

Mark Highland
Founder and President
“The Organic Mechanic”
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